URGENT help needed please.

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liquidsuite | 13:10 Mon 11th Jun 2007 | Computers
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Hi there guys hope someone can help me. I am having probs with my new laptop. Yesturday when I was in explorer just looking on my hard drive. I got this erro messege.
'Windows host process (Rundll32) has stopped working. '
My laptop then closes explorer and refreshes the desktop. This has happened a couple of times now when in explorer. I am so gutted and dont know what the problem is. I spent last 2 days installing all my progs and updating windows and installing norton. I hope I dont have to do the recovery thing to make it like when I bought it. That would mean I have wasted last few days. Please if anyone can help let me know. Thanks


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Does this laptop have Vista?

If so it could be a problem with some older software that you have installed that does not support or work on Vista.

Search in Google for "Rundll32 has stopped working" and there are quite a few hits.

You could also add to the search by putting in the name of the applications you have installed like "Run32dll has stopped working norton" things like that.

Also maybe add Vista to the search argument.

You may need to do a number of different searches till you find the culprit.

Also maybe go to the websites of the products you have installed to see what they say about working under Vista.
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Hi there I installed so many progs in one day so could be one of them that has messed things up in vista. Will try what you suggested. The last couple progs I installed was Nero Latest Version, Azureus latest version but I did have to install latest JAVA software which it said makes it work in vista. I think it could be one of those but might be something totally diferent. I just dont know but will try searching.
My computer cant even sytem restore, I tried a few points but when computer re starts its says it was not able to do it and just made no changes.
Your running a P2P and Norton, christ your an accident waiting to happen.
Uninstall both immediately and procure a decent AV like Avast, get a good firewall also.
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on my desktop I had both those software running smoothly and fine for ages no probs. I think my probs was a compatable issue with one software and windows vista. I have now done a sytem recovery back to factory settings. It all seems fine but I am worried as I dont know which software caused the problem. It could be azureus. Maybe need to find a more compatable torrent downloader that works with windows vista.

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