Installing files on a shared PC??

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kendgr8 | 15:15 Sat 26th May 2007 | Computers
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At home I use the family laptop which is a shared laptop using XP. Everyone has their own profile but the problem is how do I install something without it also appearing and being installed on other people profiles. For example I downloaded and installed 4 On Demand and Msn Messenger on my profile but they appear on everyone elses profile - much to their annoyance. How can I stop this? How can I install something so that it is only on my profile?


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Right, i'm not entirely sure if these are right but I don't see why either shouldn't work.

The first and simplest is to install stuff into you personal documents:

- My Computer -> Kendgr8's Ducuments -

But of coarse this means stuff wont appear on the desktop or start menu without making a shortcut so...

Install you thing to the following destination:

- My Computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> Documents and Settings -> Kendgr8 -> 'Then select either desktop' or 'select start menu -> programs'

I don't know how much you know about installing stuff so all you need to do is when it asks where you want to install the program change it one of those destinations.

Like I said I can't garuntee this will work because
i don't share my computer but it should.
If you have any problems post them and I try to come on here tomorrow or monday and answer.
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hmm. Tried that but it still appears on everyones profile
To get a programe to only appear in your account you have to go in to the all users documents & settings folder/ programes folder, copy the programe you want to alter to the desktop, & then delete it from the all users folder.Now from the desktop cut & paste the programe into the programes folder under your named account in the document & settings folder. This will ensure it only shows on your profile but any admin privy account will still be able to trace its existance. Create a restore point before you start messing around with programme files.
A well behaved installer will ask you who - but in your case ....Install as usual
then right click on the start button
chose explore all users
(explorer will open in)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu

drop one level to the programs folder
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs
cut the folder(s) you want (ctrl+x)

in the same branch (C:\Documents and Settings\) you will see your username
In there is another programs folder
C:\Documents and Settings\you\Start Menu\Programs
paste the folder(s)

job done
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I tried all of the above but AC the Troll - What you told me to do works and removes the installed files from the Start Menu but the programme still autostarts and appears in the task bar at the bottom. The only way I can think stopping this is by going into Run and msconfig and removing it from there but I have to do this for everyones profile and I dont have access to everyones profile. Damn channel 4 On Demand!!

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Installing files on a shared PC??

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