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Joe_the_Lion | 16:17 Wed 23rd May 2007 | Computers
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I am glad to say I have never owned a Play Station etc, but this is quite enjoyable and free to download in about 5 seconds.

Being a gardener from Ipswich, I naturally always wanted to be a war hero.

can you beat my low score of 18000 odd? he/play.php


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being a gardener from suffolk do you know if 8075 beats your score??? :8)
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How can that pittance of a score beat my 18K????

It is a good game though isn't it?
Strumpet! :O) x
it meant i wasnt complaining about the heat in my office for 3 minutes so will give it credit for that :)
56,410 Joe. Good game
56410 ? todays top score is only 30830 !!!!!!

i am 2nd with 30120
When i look Matt there are scores in the 800,000's and way higher. The 600th best score this month is 175,355 and I can't be bothered seeing how low down I am! Where are you getting your scores?
i went on todays top scores page.i assume its not an english webbie as after playing last night there were only approx 11 other scores ! but looking today there are flippin hundreds !

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Computer Games.

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