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nightmare | 13:33 Tue 08th May 2007 | Computers
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When I put my work laptop on standby, I just press the power button and it comes back to life immediately, prompting me to control-alt-del to unlock it.
Whenever I put my home computer on standby, and then try to reactivate it, it goes through the entire startup/ boot process.
I have tried every button and combination I can think of to reactivate it. The only one having any effect is the power button, having the effect described above.
It is a Tiny.
Anyone got any ideas ?


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depending on how long you need your pc to be on standby for i would just leave it on just turn the monitor off
Not sure if this helps.

Go into the Windows Control Panel and find the Power Options Icon (may be under Performance and Maintenance)

Select on Power Options icon to open the Power Options Properties window.

Click on the Advanced Tab.

In the lower half of the window is an option "When I press the power button on my computer"

Change this from Shut Down to Standby

Or set it to "Ask me what to do"

GTo bring it to life try pressing the "Wake Up" key of your keyboard has one.

Have a look at the documentation that came with your Tiny to see if it supports Standby (not all desktops do).
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I'm just curious. I can not find any instructions anywhere how to reactivate a computer from standby. The computwer itself and any number of books tell you how to put it in standby, however not one of them gives you any indication whatsoever how you get it back out of standby mode.
Don' t believe me ? Just try looking.
I seem to remember I could reactivate it a couple of years ago, but my memory (the squidgy one inside my head) is less than 100% perfect.
Anyone with any ideas, specifically ones relevant to this problem ?
Your PC BIOS must support ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)

Some older PCs dont

Read more here

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