No Sound on MacBook

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jump79 | 16:29 Tue 27th Feb 2007 | Computers
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Since last night, the sound option on my macbook hasn't been working, I've tried restarting it and it initially makes the startup sound but after that if I try to play a video/ music file, it just goes mute?? I looked at system preferences and for the 'output' option, it says 'selected device has no output controls' (its on full vol bar though)...
When I press F4 or F5 to control the volume, nothing happens, it always stays on full bar and this "∅" sign pops up too (never seen it before!)....

Please help, any tips appreciated


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Installed anything since last night?

Click the apple logo, then 'about this mac', then 'more info...', and then click that 'audio (built in)' item to the left -- what does it say there?

Even better would be once you're in that window to go file->print, and choose 'save as pdf', then upload the pdf to somewhere so we can see it here.
But before you do any of that, try plugging your headphones (or speakers) in, and then does the sound play?

Possible solution here: =300832

Discussion here: geID=2117797

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No Sound on MacBook

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