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LostSheep | 21:48 Fri 23rd Feb 2007 | Computers
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Having a problem with IE 7 - when I click on the icon on the desktop it doesn't load up IE but the 'Send error report' window appears. Tried opening IE via My Computer > Program Files - the same thing happens. Tried disabling a few items on Startup - the same thing happens. I thought about uninstalling version 7 and downloading it again to try and solve the problem but there was no option to remove it in 'Add/Remove programs'. There must be a way to remove it to roll it back to the previous version. Also Outlook Express won't open either - must be a connected problem. I'm using XP SP2. Hope you can help!


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Use Firefox instead, downloads and installs in a couple of minutes
and it's sooo much better

Thunderbird is also very good as an email service
You may have a dodgy add-on or you may have a virus/spyware infection.

What happens when you fire up IE via All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Internet Explorer (no add-ons)? If this works, you'll need to find the offending add-on and disable it.
If both IE7 and Outlook Express used to work, but now don't, it's likely to be due to a corrupt registry entry. Running System Restore should fix the problem.

While you might need to use Internet Explorer to access certain sites (e.g. some online banking sites), I fully agree with Fiesata that Firefox is much, much better than Internet Explorer.

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Thanks for your help! Will look into those points.

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