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lozzyb | 01:32 Mon 12th Feb 2007 | Computers
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I'm trying to get on a site I have been on many times and for some reason i'm now getting A HTTP 403 Forbidden message. Now I'm not good with PCs at all so i'm really struggling to work out whats go on. There has been no change to my PC....PLease help .... But plz explain in basic terms
Many thanks

Lorraine x


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You don't have permission to access that page. Sounds like something to do with the site itself, and not your computer. Wait a day or so, and see if it changes. Or try it from a friend's computer.
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Cheers fo3nix for your reply. Just tried again and I got on there after 2 days of trying. I thought it was because i may have put a banned picture on my profile but it's still there. Thanks anyway

Lorraine xx

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