Help! I have deleted a spreadsheet!

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Kilala | 12:13 Tue 06th Feb 2007 | Computers
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Hi all knowledgeable IT people,

I have just deleted the wrong Excel spreadsheet, and it isn't in the recycle bin- is there any way I can restore it? I even clicked 'yes' to say I was sure I wanted to delete it. What a damn fool.

All help most gratefully received.


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If you haven't used Excel since you're in with a chance.

Try opening Excel from your "Start" "Programs" menu and it will load a blank worksheet. You may see straight away a list of recoverable files on your left or you may have to click "File" first.

Hope this helps
If it didn't go to the recycle bin then either it was too large or it was deleted from a network drive. If it was a network drive do you have IT people that take backups?
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It was a Network Drive. Our IT people do not respond to emails and the phone line to them is constantly engaged...
I have a feeling I will be redoing all 400 entries and associated formulae...
What a fool.
You can download a free undelete program from here :-

Provided that the disk where your file was stored has not been overwritten, then there is a good chance that you can recover it. I have used the program and it is quick and effective
all you have to do is click start then click search then type in the name of it etc then search then it should appear if not try downloading a undlete programme
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Hi all,
I tried to search for the file, all it found was a shortcut. I'm going to give the undelete link above a go. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Help! I have deleted a spreadsheet!

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