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Prawn Man | 13:15 Sun 21st Jan 2007 | Computers
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A pop up keeps appearing saying

"Run Dll32.exe Application error. The instruction 0x77f51ed3 is referenced memory at 0x00002659. The memory cannot be read. Click OK to terminate the programme."

Other memory names appear on subsequent warnings. This is getting to be a right pain. Could anyone suggest what is wrong and how I fix it?

Many thanks, Prawn man.


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Do you have photshop installed?
Question Author
Hi, no we don't have photoshop on the computer.

However, I see now that a similar message seems to appear whenever I go into another programme. eg




Thankyou so much for your interest, it is driving us mad!


Search your drive for a mini.dmp file if you could send that to me I might be able to find out what the issue is.. this file contains all the items in your pcs RAM (Memory) at the time of the crash.
Question Author
Hi again Wiggle. My search for mini.dmp has come up with nothing.

By the way, the computer is not crashing but I have to keep getting rid of the pop ups. Also, my avg anti-virus keeps spotting trojans when a couple of the pop ups appear.

Hope this helps and thanks again for your interest,


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Application error

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