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4candles | 15:25 Sat 09th Dec 2006 | Computers
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Can anyone explain this please?

Using a Linksys ADSL2MUE modem, Internet access is fine. It has NAT firewalling, but I use ZA Free anyway for additional outgoing security.

If I then install a dial-up adapter for back-up, the ADSL2MUE logs on OK, but I can't access the web unless ZA is running. I can then shut down ZA, and access is still OK!

Obviously, it's no big deal, since I want to run ZA anyway, but I'd like to know why this happens. And, if ZA should irretrievably crash or get corrupted, presumably I wouldn't be able to aceess the net to download it again?

OS is Win98SE.


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Linksys do have there free service for help its there free phone 0800 026 1418 its on the inside of the box. You will be put through to an other country try not to call before midday.
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Thanks Marcus, but I've no reason to think it's a problem with the modem. I only mentioned the model to indicate that it behaves like a router, and installs itself as part of a LAN, rather than the pseudo-dial-up fashion of most USB ADSL modems.

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Internet access & firewall

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