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stevie619 | 01:17 Tue 28th Nov 2006 | Computers
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I have a problem when i try to download things from websites,im trying to download abode flashplayer but it wont let me.The screen just stays the same and nothing happens.......???????????..On other sites i just keep getting this message

This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.

Please can anyone help me i don't want to format my computeras it is full of my course work...


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What browser are you using? IE, Firefox?

Have you got any pop up blockers installed?

It could be your firewall.
Can you give a link to the thing you're trying to download? A 403 error is often out of your hands, and is down to the server you're trying to download from.
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Question Author
it happens on other sites that i try to download from not just from the link above,and ive noticed thattha gold bar dosent appear at the top of the screen that u can sometime click to let downloads begin on ur computer............
Is the account you're using to log onto your computer an administrator account? Limited accounts might not let you do this.

It could also be your IE security settings. Press Alt, then clock Tools, internet options. Then click default level, medium, apply. Sometimes I find that IE will just ignore stuff it assumes to be unsafe.
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tried that and still dosent work....its really doing my head in i cant download anything from sites!!! will formating my computer fix it, i reallly dont want to do this but i think its the only thing that will fix it
You could try the standalone installer: ml
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Nope same old [email protected], won't let me download it keeps on giving me the error message .....This sucks ass
Download and install Firefox, and do your downloads with that?
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Tried that to buddy
Are you using a firewall? It could be blocking downloads. Try turning it off completely and downloading something.

In answer to your question "will formatting my computer fix it" Yes. Buf if its a software problem, such as a firewall, you may find the problem returns.
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Thank u M8 that worked a treat, im using zone alarm security suite, do u think i should kick it and use the windows firewall and a different anti virus??????

The first reply to your question, from Ethel, read, "It could be your firewall".

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It was my firewall after all i found this in a forum and followed the instructions and it sorted it out.If there's anyone out there with the same problem hre's the link 5933&view=previous&sid=e614e8f64186e027105dcfa 7c3a6e479
And thank u everyone for ur help

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