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gordon/carol | 19:02 Sat 21st Oct 2006 | Computers
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Having just turned on my Music Match Juke Box I was greeted with the above message which made playing music nil .PLEASE HOW CAN I GET RID OF IT? I NEED MY MUSIC GORDON


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This is a known issue with version 5.2 of MusicMatch Jukebox.

The runtime error ONLY occurs with version 5.2, when you right-click the MusicMatch Jukebox* icon on the system tray and try to use the Previous Track, Next Track or Play/Pause options. It may be followed by the second error in module MFC42.DLL. By default, Setup does not put the icon on the system tray. If you choose Custom setup and want to have the icon there, Setup still will not put it there. Once the software is installed, you can click Options > Settings to put the icon on the System Tray.

If you want the icon, but do not want the error, upgrade MusicMatch Jukebox to the latest version from the MusicMatch website at
as it is corrupt you could uninstall and then reinstall but maybe an upgrade will do.

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c++run time library

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