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Khandro | 12:52 Thu 07th Jul 2022 | Computers
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I got my laptop yesterday see:

It's rather good & I've got it up & running, though lots more to do. I'm a bit puzzled by the keyboard layout.
it looks like this which is the closest to it I can see on the internet, It might be called 'US Querty' but I'm not sure.
Does anyone know it? It's like my picture above except 'Alt' to the right of the space bar is 'Alt Gr' Thanks.


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my acer laptop has Alt Gr to the right of the space bar . . .
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Is it similar otherwise? & for 'Querty' read Qwerty of course
looks the same apart from my laptop has a three row block of 'number keys' on the right had side which i never use
^^^^ same as my Fujitsu Lifebook
Khandro - your keyboard would appear to be a 'US International' keyboard:
Alt Gr is useful for typing the € symbol - hold Alt Gr and press the 4 key.
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Etch: It isn't that one, it came with a flexible plastic/silicone keyboard cover which I have just scanned & this is it exactly;

Sunny; I'm typing this on a German keyboard for my PC which is slightly different to the English UK one, in that it has extra symbols including € & the Z & Y keys are reversed.
'Alt Gr'+4 will give '€' on a UK keyboard. If Khandro's keyboard is set as 'US International' then the link I gave suggests '€' will result from 'Alt Gr'+5.
Sorry Khandro, cross-posted there. The 'exact' image is a UK keyboard layout. What is the keyboard set to under 'Settings'?
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Yikes! I've just discovered that the keyboard cover I pictured at 14:15 is not to protect it but to alter it slightly for a few keys.
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Etch it seems it converts it to an English keyboard.
What I want is to find a diagram outlining what all the keys do either the English one or the 'as is' one
looks like it's a US keyboard on the actual laptop but they've provided and overlay so you can use a UK keyboard also. The actual keyboard will work as either depending on your definition of keyboard layout in settings. Click settings and search for "typing" then "advanced keyboard settings" (scroll down)
Ah, I understand now - the overlay has the UK layout key definitions and is placed over the actual keyboard. With this place you need to set the keyboard to 'UK Keyboard' (rather than whatever the actual keyboard is) under 'Settings'.
I. Hit. Alt gr 4. My keyboard has turned sideways on. Pc. Am on iPad how can I straighten on big keyboard
yes etch, as I wrote above.
I. Hit. Alt gr 4. My keyboard has turned sideways on. Pc. Am on iPad how can I straighten desktop on big keyboard
got sorted out ^^ wont be touching keys I know nothing about.
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Yes. TTT& Etch are right, now I understand thanks. I've just installed notepad and Libre Office & gone through the keys & all is fine, though I don't know what that key 2nd right from the spacebar after Alt Gr; it's a symbol of a pointing hand to a rectangle & no entry sign, it is also shown above the keyboard next to a tiny hole.
//it's a symbol of a pointing hand to a rectangle & no entry sign//
At a guess, that will disable/enable the touch pad.

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