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tearinghair | 13:52 Fri 22nd Oct 2021 | Computers
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Still taking things slowly as I transfer stuff from my old (but still working - just) desktop to new laptop. I tried to use Word today but it tells me that my Microsoft subscription (a trial, I think) has expired. Seem to want £79.99 to renew it, which seems extortionate as I don't think I paid anything originally. The desktop was/is running Windows 7, the laptop is Win 10. Is there a cheaper way to get Word, which is very necessary for me?


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You can get Open Office, Libre Office etc for nothing.

They default to saving in their own format, but you can change that to save as Word.

You can use the web version of Word for free if you sign up with Microsoft, but it doesn;t have the full functions of the Word app.

As Tuvok says Open office or Libre office are free and Word compatible. I've used both and they worked fine
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Thank you both, I'll try that.
Been using Libre Office for a few years - excellent stuff !! Highly recommended

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