Why Am I Stuck In Landscape?

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poisondwarf | 15:48 Thu 16th Sep 2021 | Computers
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Good afternoon all,
I am using Windows 10 on my laptop. When I opened it, all my Word documents are in Landscape. I checked about 50 documents and the orientation is definitely set to Portrait.
Please would someone like to make an old man very happy by telling me how to get out of this one?
Many thanks in anticipation!


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is anything else on its side, or just word docs? And is the writing the correct way?
Which office are you using. Microsoft or open office?
more info needed, You say "Windows 10" but that's not word, do you mean they appear landscape when you open them in Word or are you looking in some other way, eg thumbnails in Explorer. It would help if you take a screen shot and post under tinypic.

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Why Am I Stuck In Landscape?

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