P C Becoming Unusable

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Old_Geezer | 15:25 Mon 22nd Mar 2021 | Computers
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I'm sure I've broached this issue before but it's starting to get beyond, and I need to know how to fix it.

For some time now my woman's PC has been "playing up". Mainly in the form of Explorer opting to go into a freeze state if one dared to right click on a file. A short while ago it was also experienced doing the same on some left clicks. The only temporary solution is to use task manager to stop Explorer and restart it again.

I am being told it's getting unworkable, and I even experienced the browser I was using freezing this morning; which is a new one on me.

I am wondering if one can reinstall Windows over the top to fix things. And whether one can be assured no non-Windows data, such as files etc. would be lost.

An added complication is that the original disk would *not* be Windows 10. Probably 9 IIRC and we took advantage of the free update. So, is there a way to get hold of Microsoft's latest version to install instead ? Ideally without needing to set it all up again, looking up numbers etc..

Any advice appreciated as she is now talking of spending a small fortune on a new PC, which is not ideal at present, and in any case I feel sure the existing one won't have an unrepairable fault anyway.



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And yes, the one and only account, the one I'm logged in as, is designated local administrator.
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Thanks. A task for later though. Gone & got myself busy again :-)

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P C Becoming Unusable

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