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waltekar | 16:14 Tue 13th Oct 2020 | Computers
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I have changed/updated the App on my iphone and ipad, but Yahoo say they will no longer support third-party applications (such as third party email, calendar, or contact applications that weren't developed by Yahoo) using outdated sign-in methods. I have an HP laptop, but cannot find an App for Yahoo Mail in the Microsoft Store. As far as I am aware, I will not be able to sign in to Yahoo Mail after 20/10/20 via the icon I currently use on the toolbar, only via the internet. Is there such an App for Yahoo Mail? I am not very technically minded, so any advice as simple as possible please.
Thank you in advance.


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As far as I can see, this notice refers to users using third party [rather than Yahoo's own] apps on their tablets or mobile phones rather than the web application on your laptop. That won't be affected.

In any case, if your icon wasn't available for any reason you could just go to and sign in to your mail from their main page.
The Yahoo Mail app is only available for Android and iOS devices, not for Windows.

Looking at the message you've received from Yahoo though (which appears to be duplicated in this thread ) shows that you can continue to use a third party app in one of two ways (referred to as 'Option 2' and 'Option 3' in Yahoo's message).

Generating an app password might be your best way forward:
As Chinajan points out, you might just as easily use web-based access to your account.

To create an icon for it on your desktop, go to in your browser. Reduce the size of the window (by clicking the overlapping rectangles in the top righthand corner). Click-and-drag the site's 'favicon' (immediately to the left of the URL in the address bar) onto your desktop. You'll then have a 'Yahoo' icon available to you, taking you directly to the login page.
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Hi Chinajan, you very kindly got me out of trouble when I had this problem on my iphone and ipad. Looks like you're answer is the simplest for me - internet sign-in. I will also have a look at the other suggested option of generating an app password.
Thank you so much, again.
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Thank you very much Buenchico. I thought I was being stupid because I couldn't find the App in the Store. Someone on YouTube showed a demo of being able to do it - I followed his instructions - but there was no App! I will have a look at generating an app password - if it's simple enough for me to do, I will do it, otherwise, I will just sign in via the internet as someone else suggested.
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Buenchico, that's brilliant. I am so grateful to you.
I was very worried that Yahoo weren't going to let me sign in anymore and that I would lose everything. Thanks again.
They keep moaning at me. I ignore them. I'm not changing my e-mail client on their demand. If they stick to standards I'm sure the client will keep up.
I had this: I think I got round it by doing the app password thing. I use the iOS app on phone and tablet without problem (as well as the yahoo one)
Yahoo are fine ones to be telling people what to do: their security has a very poor record

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Yahoo Mail..... Help!

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