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MichaelZZ | 12:23 Fri 25th Sep 2020 | Computers
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I have had a Nokia 5 mobile for 2½ years and find that the 16GB internal memory is rapidly filling up. I save my photos and documents to an external 64GB SD card and this still has 57GB free.
Can I copy all the data from this SD card on to my PC, then format my card as internal memory prior to copying the photos back on to the new phone memory from the PC?


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Yes, you have to buy a card reader which looks similar to a usb stick. Move stuff off and then the card is empty & ready to take more stuff.
Good luck formatting it as internal memory. My experiences with these mobile phone cards is that it likes to keep the two types of memory separate, and you're lucky to find an app that can copy over anything more than data files. IMO the memory size is what gives mobiles built in obsolescence.
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Thanks for your replies. I have copied (most of ?) the contents of my SD card on to my PC without much difficulty. I was going to try a brand new card in the phone and try to format that as additional internal memory. If that is successful, and I succeed in copying the files back from my PC to the new improved phone memory, I can then wipe the original card and use it for whatever.
That, at least, is what I had in mind but I am cautioned by OG's comments about memory size. I notice that the latest Nokia 5 (now 5.3) comes with 64 GB of internal memory which is 4 times what my current phone has. (It's also the same amount as my first PC had back in 2000 - when it cost the thick end of £1000!)
I might just bite the "built in obsolescence" bullet!

Thanks again for the helpful comments.
my ZX81 had 1k of memory.
If you were one of the posh kids you had a thing you plugged into the back which made it into 16k!

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Expanding Phone Memory

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