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pussyfoot | 10:10 Sat 22nd Aug 2020 | Computers
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How do I resize a picture to under 2mb to send in email. It needs to be 2mb or less.
I don't understand anything technical so a really simple way for dummies would help. Thanks Ange


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You might be better off uploading to a host site and sending the link to it.

Otherwise there are graphic programmes that can reduce size.

Or, depending on the picture data format, you may be able to use a different format to get a smaller sized file.
your email provider might do it for you - I think hotmail ask if you want your picture shrunk.
For some JPEG photos that were over 5MB each, I just used Paint. In Windows right click the file, there should be an option to Edit which opens the file in Paint. 'Resize' to 50% and then 'Save as' to avoid overwriting the original. The results were all under 1MB for me.
Use for compressing the image

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Resize Pictures

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