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dollymay | 11:37 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | Computers
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I can't get broadband on my laptop. I use Firefox on Windows 10. All ok on my phone and iPad. Everything else ok on my laptop, i.e. pictures and documents. Just get new tab and flashing dot in top LH corner, any ideas please??


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i rarely use firefox but i've just tried it and it's working, i think the flashing dot means the page is loading
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It doesn't load though?? Also I can't get Skype, although I can on my phone. Does it mean my computer is faulty? My OH can get everything on his iPad.
It's unclear from your question as to whether you're experiencing a broadband connection problem or a problem with Firefox itself. Please try using Edge or Internet Explorer and letting us know what happens. (If you can access the internet via those browsers, we need to help you with Firefox. If you can't get in with them, we need to help you with your broadband connection).
have you tried doing a 'troubleshoot internet' in settings?
Crossed posts.

If you can't access Skype it suggests that your laptop is offline. Click Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi to see whether there's a connection to your router.
Chico recommends IE????
>>> Chico recommends IE????

No he bloody well doesn't! All that 'Chico recommends is that when Browser A doesn't work it makes sense to use Browser B to see if if the fault lies with Browser A or with the computer's internet connection. As all Windows 10 computers come with both Edge and Internet Explorer, so either can be used as 'Browser B' in this situation.
explorer is browser d on my lappy :-)
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Thanks everyone, I tried Edge and got through! Didn't even know edge was a browser. But then I tried Firefox again and now that's ok! Coincidence do you think? I wasn't being impatient before, I had been trying all yesterday and today and gave plenty of time to load, anyway thanks again everyone

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