Stopping Windows 10 Not Running A Safe Program

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catsrcool | 09:38 Thu 01st Nov 2018 | Computers
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I have to install and delete a lot of the same programs.
Windows keeps blocking some until I force it to run it.
I have Googled it and when I try and change the setting Windows says you have to be an administrator.
I am the sole user and administrator.
Any suggestions please to resolve this IT catch 22 situation?


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You could right click and run as administrator. Don't know if that'd help. Why is it stopping you running them anyway ? Not a virus/malware protection, is it ?
Hi Cats. I have copied and pasted because it is quicker than typing it up.
Open the Start menu ('Start' icon). To do this, either click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen or press the "⊞ Win" key.
Click ('Settings' icon). It's just above the bottom-left corner of the Start window.
Click "Accounts".
Click "Your info".
Look for the "Administrator" tag beneath your name.
Click "Family & other people".
Some operations need the user to be a designated "administrator" Geezer. I tend to make all the accounts administrator these days . "She who must be obeyed" and my Children all have the status so that they don't have to call me to run programmes. Useful if you have children or grandchildren that you do not want accessing dodgy sites. You just uncheck an account so that they have limited access.
Aye, not an issue that affects me as I do the same; but cats believes that they are an administrator ?
Agree but it does not hurt to have a look and make sure that the administrator status was checked when the account was originally set up or has been lost during an upgrade. If it is checked, I think that I would uncheck it then reset it and do a re-boot.
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Thanks there are no other accounts.
I have UAC disabled and windows defender smartscreen still blocks it.
It is the defender settings that it will not let me change.
Even with User Account Control disabled it does not disable Windows' built-in LUA feature, which means that users, even those marked as administrators, are still limited users with no true administrative access.
A little beyond me; but I wonder if disabling user account control frees up use or shuts all down. But I'll leave more knowledgable folk to comment.
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Thank I will look into it.
Kay Cats. Just a point. You say that you have got UAC disabled, if so I would be very wary if you are banking online or have accounts that hold any financial or identity details.
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Stopping Windows 10 Not Running A Safe Program

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