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fbg40 | 13:57 Sat 11th Aug 2018 | Computers
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Just a quick question folks - what would be the easiest and user friendly software to back up just 3 folders - Music, Docs and Photos.
Many thanks


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Copy ?
You really need an external hard drive. You can get a 2TB one for around £45.
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Thanks for the answers folks. I already have an external HD, just wondering what the best software would be to Automatically add files to those on the ext HD - if you get my drift !
After upgrading my computer and, with it, my OS to Windows 7, my favourite backup program (which came free with an HDD I bought many years ago) would no longer work. I searched around and decided that Viceversa Pro (Google it) did what I wanted, with the drawback that I had to pay for it. You can do a complete replace of your backups with a new copy (you might just as well delete and re-copy) or synchronise your backup with your current data ie, it deletes deleted files, updates modified files and creates new files/directories.
why software, just use windows explorer assuming your on windows
go to folder you want to back up, right click on folder popup will show options, click copy then go still in windows click on your ex hard drive
the right click paste option.
Windows has its own easy to use backup and this, coupled to a couple of decent sized memory sticks, would do the job.
it takes a while to copy big photo files by hand, so yes, there's something to be said for getting software to do it automatically.

If the photo files are small, maybe not a problem.
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Many thanks for all the answers folks - have decided to go with copy/paste for now, seems the easiest option. Just have to remember to do it !! Thanks again.
Free program Macrium Reflect is good. You can clone (complete copy) one drive to another or image backup a drive. The image can then be mounted and browsed like another hard drive should you wish to restore a few files.

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Easiest User Friendly Backup Software

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