Depressing Noise From The Pc

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albaqwerty | 09:32 Fri 10th Aug 2018 | Computers
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The only way I can describe it is 'der dunk' in a low, almost bass like tone.
It's not the happy logging on/off sounds from Windows.

There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it, even if I'm not on internet, it still happens. (eg - playing spider solitaire)

Am not getting any warning boxes appearing - am a tad concerned.

Anyone any ideas please?


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Have you checked to see if your fan is clogged up? Its surprising how much dust gets drawn into those fans on PC's
Are you describing a noise created by the software/operating system of a physical noise created by the hardware inside the casing?
Question Author
we did that a couple of weeks ago, and you're right, it was more of a shock at the amount than a surprise lol
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bhg - noise does seem to come from the pc - it's not stopping/preventing anything from working - eg, if I'm in the middle of writing an email or something on here, then I can carry on.
If you open the Control Panel and select "sound" and then open the "sounds" tab, you can get it to demonstrate all the sounds the software generates eg, close program, low battery. The one you describe sounds like "device disconnect".
Moving stuff like fans are first thoughts.
Any CDs/DVDs left in drive tray ?
Have you run a check on the hard drives ?
Turn off or disconnect speakers; see if it still occurs.
Depressing Noise From The Pc

Annoying as it is we have to let them have their say.
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bhg - you're spot on !! Many thanks.

Another query now is - why? only kidding, I've been saying for ages that this pc is haunted and has a life of it's own.

Many thanks everyone xxxx
"der dunk".

Iffy hard drive, poor old thing has lost the momentum to go "whirrr"
1ozzy may well be right. On the other hand, discs are sometimes set to power-off after a period of inactivity as part of a power-saving option - they power-up again automatically as soon as you try to use them but there will be a small time-delay. If you have more than one hard disc on your system that could be happening.
Question Author
iffy hard drive?

I fear that is most likely. Humphrey (yep, name of pc tower) hasn't derdunked for 30 mins or so now, he knows he's being talked about.

Ozzy - ' poor old thing has lost the momentum to go "whirrr" '
me too, Ozzy, me too :-))))
Alas Alba, it happens to all of us that are lucky enough to grow old;-/

Der dunk
Jokes aside I think bhg481 has nailed the answer.
Stuff unplugged incorrectly from a USB.
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it just seems odd that it has only recently started happening (in the past 5 days or less)
The only things which are plugged into pc are ethernet cable (?) - tried wireless but it was a bit on the slow side. As well as the mouse and speakers.
Am wondering if the mouse is coming loose from it's port?

Now I know it's something relatively safe, my mind is at ease :-D
A loose mouse is a worry.

Do people charge their phones/I thingies from Humphrey?
Is steve the cat missing??
Question Author
aha!! (she cried as she waved her wooden leg in the air - Round the Horne or ITMA?)

anyhoo, Mr Alba's charging docket for his phone is also plugged in, I unplug it from the docket to charge mine.

Solved thanks to bhg and Ozzy. xx to both.

Talby, I fear you are right :-)

Volty, no, he's not - sound asleep on Mr Alba's side of the bed lol x

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Depressing Noise From The Pc

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