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Old_Geezer | 14:52 Sun 05th Aug 2018 | Computers
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I've been asked to try to get data off of a data CD; I said I'd have a try. It's supposed to contain a couple of old holiday videos. But the drive tries for a bit then Windows claims there is no disk present. Just tried isobuster but it claims no media is present either. Anyone know a way to get the compauter to read what is there whether it "thinks" it should or not ?



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It could be that the disk has not been finalised and thus would only be readable on the device that created it.
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Unlikely. His description suggests it's been viewed ok in the past. But something has happened and, in Windows at least, it now longer recognised as in the drive now.

I tried a small number of data recovery executables on it earlier today but all failed miserably. When Windows drivers deny a disk is present then the executables see nothing to work on.

I reckon it needs software that boots it's own system (avoiding Windows) allowing it to accept a disk is in the drive, control how it's read, and analyse what it can read.
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Mind you, what would I know ;-)
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Just bumping the thread in case someone has an answer.
Have you tried cleaning the disk? If you look at it you might see fingerprints or the like on the recorded surface - wiping with a clean cloth (rub it on your shirt) might work. A different CD drive/computer might have more success.
Sometimes the formatting of disks varies a little between machines making them essentially unreadable. Try a few friends maybe one of them will be better.
Just to clarify - it works or did work on the computer it was created on?

It doesn't work on your computer?

Do other disks still work on all computers involved?

Are all computers involved using the same/same version of the operating system?

If all computers are able to use other disks then the drives are ok.

Do you mean CD or DVD?

If its a DVD then it will either be a DVD-R or a DVD+R Check that your drive can read both formats.
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The disk looks clean. I know it doesn't work on two PCs and I'm sure the owner will have tried quite a few more.

I'd not know what computer it was created on but if it is still in existence the answer must be, "No". He'd have tried it on that PC if it was around.

Other disks are fine. I only have Win 10, I'm unsure what the owner has... hang on... I'll have to post again if&when he replies.

It's a CD-R80.
I wonder if the "80" is the cause of your problem. Most CDs are 74 minutes long but extended ones, 80 minutes long, were brought out and not all drives could use them.
Further research on the internet came up with:

What about 34, 90 and 99 minute CD-R discs?
A few media manufacturers have recently introduced 34 minute/300 MB (8 cm), 90 minute/790 MB and 99 minute/870 MB (12 cm) CD-R discs. To achieve these higher capacities such discs do not conform to Orange Book specifications and, as a result, may not write in all recorders, be accessible to all software or readable in all players and drives. Using 34, 90 and 99 minute CD-R discs is therefore not recommended.
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Thanks. Interesting, unfortunately not a solution though. Not got info on operating systems yet but the creating PC has apparently long gone.
No, not a solution, sorry. All I can suggest is trying as many different computers as you can get your hands on. You could be cheeky and take the disc to say, PC World, and ask if you can try it on one of their computers.
The other problem is, of course, if you do manage to read it you might not be able to copy it on to another CD if it has been filled to capacity, although you could copy it to your hard disc.
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Apparently it holds two holiday videos so I suspect one per disc wouldd be fine; or put on a DVD. Seems from wikipedia that extra minutes were achieved by making the track thinner. Would have thought more recent drives ought not be bothered :-(

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