What To Do With Old Pc?

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woodchopper | 17:58 Wed 11th Jul 2018 | Computers
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Am not chucking the old PC out - it is an Packard Bell iMedia S3210 - would pulling the hard disk out and installing an SSD have any benefits or even possible?


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Can't see why not. But if it's that old it may be underpowered/underresourced for today's software.
Note there is no support for SSDs before Windows 7 so you need to be running that version of Windows or later.

This PC looks as though it may be from 2010 or 2011 (cant find exact date) and that is quite old in computer terms.

I would not spend any money upgrading it as while the SSD may speed things up the rest of the components will still be oldish technology and therefore slower.

Put the money towards a new PC.
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It is running Windows 7 or was until Windows 10 update bu&&ed it- but was going to return it to windows 7 and let the kids use it. Processor speed is 2.7ghz/dual core so not slow. About 6 yrs old.
Good for kids use. Get a 60gb ssd if large storage not needed. Reload Windows 7 if you do not have the installation disk and/or licence key, get a legit one from ebay.

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What To Do With Old Pc?

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