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puternut | 08:26 Wed 23rd May 2018 | Computers
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Hi. Just got a new PC and have installed Winamp as my default Mp3 player.

Previously if I highlighted a particular folder, or file, and I right clicked there was an option to 'Play in Winamp'. the file(s) would enqueue and then play. This doesn't appear now.

I have uninstalled & re-installed to see if I forgot to check something or other but didn't see anything.

Properties of mp3 files point to Winamp and I can play single files but not any more than that.

Any help peeps? TIA


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A new PC presumably has Windows 10 on it but WinAmp 'died' 5 years ago, so no version fully compatible with Windows 10 has ever been released. So that may well be the cause of your problem.

VLC should be on everyone's computer as the default video player but it's also a decent audio player:

If you'd prefer a dedicated music player though, MusicBee is possibly the best replacement for WinAmp:
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Thank you people.

Yes I do know about single clicking files but my last 2 computers - both Windows 10 - has an option when you highlighted a few files - or folder(s) - RIGHT click the mouse and you could 'Play in Winamp'.

But not the new one.

Using it for so long I wanted to carry on using it.

Already have VLC so will look at MusicBee
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