Problem With Sat-Nav Updates

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douglas9401 | 22:55 Sat 25th Nov 2017 | Computers
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Evening. I have a Lenovo laptop, about two years old and running Windows 10.
I keep trying to update my Garmin sat-nav via the Garmin dedicated download which is installed on the computer but when I plug in the cable between the two devices a get a message to the effect that no device is connected after a short search period.
I thought it might be a problem with the USB lead, possibly charge only (I don't know which of the many in the house is the original) so I nipped into Maplin who had a Garmin o/e kit with charge/data cable included. Same result, no device connected.

Is it at all possible that the USB connections on the laptop need to be activated for data transfer or some other setting needs activated?
I welcome any input to try and solve the problem so that I don't have to listen to 'please drive to selected route' when on new or remodelled roads. It gets particularly insistant when on the Queensferry Crossing, the replacement for the Forth Road Bridge, imagining I suppose that we're sinking fast. :-)

I won't see replies, if any, tonight as I'm off to bed now, 6:30 rise tomorrow but I'll look in after work.

Thanks for ploughing through this, cheers.


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Ah, I had a nagging at the back of my mind about this, I see I asked more or less the same thing back in August.

To be fair to myself I've been taking Amitriptylene since about then for nerve pain and I'm blaming that for the lapse however I think the above has more detail and would still appreciate any input.

I'm down to just paracetamol now btw so should remember doing all this. :-)
I always had problems updating my Garmin so got myself a Tom Tom, no problems updating that. Garmin is now at the back of a draw somewhere.
Have you tried re-installing Garmin Express. Windows 10 updates sometimes causes failures in unrelated programs.

I have a Garmin and Windows 10 and have just synced and installed new maps etc, in the last 2 weeks.
Forgot the link, stupid me ☺☺☺
Sounds like a software driver issue to me. A reinstall can't hurt.
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Hello again. Apologies for the delay in replying and thanks for your answers.

I've deleted the old download I had and re-installed via Alice's link, it assures me everything's up to date but when I try to add a device it's not found. I'm now off to hunt through cupboards and drawers for another lead to try again.

I had a Tomtom before Tony and we didn't work well together. I'm also not too keen on spending the cash when the Garmin works okay on most roads but we've had major motorway works up here over the past few years and it can be an adventure finding the new on and off slips.

If another lead works I'll be back with the good news but in the meantime, thanks again for your time and trouble. :-)

Why not try 'phoning Garmin. I have and they were very helpful:

The free phone no is 0808 238 0000 or you can chat on-line
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Thanks Flonska, I'll try when I get a bit of time off.
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Looks like I might have a Friday afternoon Garmin.
Child one just downloaded Express to his Apple machine and the nav doesn't show up there either.

I surrender, maybe throw myself on the mercy of Santa's pal that brings the sales in January. :-)

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Problem With Sat-Nav Updates

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