Transfer To Laptop From Disc Via Liteon-Help!

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moggie 939 | 16:41 Thu 15th Dec 2016 | Computers
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On my old laptop I could plug in a Liteon disc player and transfer my old persona holiday dvds made from my camera onto my laptop and then back onto a memory stik. This no longer works except for still photos neither can I transfer a cd (made myself and not a bought cd).

I could always do this before and when I plugged in the Liteon to the usb port on my laptop it came up with options to view and play - now nothing happens but when I go into 'My PC' it shows the cd/dvd as 0 free out of 0!!

It can't be the Liteon so is it the set up on my new Acer Laptop?

Help anyone!!



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It shows your DVD as 0 free because it's a finalised DVD, so there is no space on it available to write.
What happens if you right-click in "my PC" and "explore"?
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Yes I understand I can't write - I want to copy cd/dvd to laptop if I rt click I get option to open and the files are there but cannot copy. If I leave the Liteon pluggrd in to usb port it will play the cd tracks but not if I remove it!
Is the CD a "music" CD ie, written in the same format as a commercial CD or is it a collection of MP3 files?
How are you trying to copy it? using commercial software or dragging-and-dropping?

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Transfer To Laptop From Disc Via Liteon-Help!

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