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keyplus90 | 13:26 Tue 13th Dec 2016 | Computers
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Hi, Is an antivirus necessary on Windows 10? Do you need one or its in built Deffender is enough?


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Defender has more holes than a leaky colander.

Turn it off & install a proper (free) anti-virus like Avast.
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Thanks Dave. I had AVG free edition installed and that started giving problem so I deleted (unistalled) it. Now I have a fully paid version of BullGuard that came with new laptop. Is that any good or shall I install Avast?
SD //Defender has more holes than a leaky colander.//

Do you have any evidence for this, please? I run W10 for over a year without any other antivirus installed and have had no problems whatsoever.
I would concur with sunny-dave, Avast is the best free antivirus,at present. Just make sure that they are both compatible!
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OK guys, I am confused now. lol

If you click on the column label 'protection' it sorts the table into level of protection ... Defender sits very firmly at the bottom (3 blobs out of 6).

Defender is OK if you are a careful, conservative surfer - but step (even accidentally) out of that comfort zone and it's not that reassuring.
I wonder why Defender gets only 5 and a half blobs for usability (not 6) when the user has nothing at all to do, as it updates itself?
The only time I step outside the comfort zone is having to cope with certain elements on the AnswerBank :0) - no one in this present thread involved though. Hi keyplus, merry Christmas to you and your family!
I also had problems with AVG on a desktop - can't remember what they were but I installed Avast instead and have had no trouble with it. It's free.
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I have just got rid of AVG. I may download avast but right now I have left it in the hands of Window def. Thanks Khandro and same to you and everyone else here and a happy new year too.

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