How To Block An Annoyance Because Of My Use Of An Ad-Blocker

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LewPaper | 12:17 Wed 14th Sep 2016 | Computers
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For years I've suffered annoying popups and as my frustration grew I installed a popup blocker which worked well - TOO well as now I get a banner covering the bottom third of my screen asking me turn it off.

I've taken a screen shot but don't know how to display it.


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What adblocker are you using?
And is it happening only on a particular website?
Can you not turn it off on a per site basis ?
Check the settings.
Question Author
Hiya Fellas.

The add-blocker is Adguard and as I said in the question it works very well except for this banner; and it's only happened on the one website and as long as it keeps to one there's no real problem; I'm just concerned if others are forming a queue. Is there a way of showing a .png image?
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Hiya OG (can't bring myself to call you Old Geezer)

As far as I can see there isn't anything I can tweak on this Adguard program. I installed it only recently so I may find some someday.
Any site that wishes to detect use of an adblocker and cause issues because of it, can. You don't control that. You control when the adblocker works and which sites to avoid instead.

You create your own filters and exceptions by the look of it. Not that I'm an expert in Adguard.
Websites rely on advertising to get their income and so hate adblockers - they consider you to be stealing the content.

To get round this they put a big banner on the screen, or sometimes you just see a blank screen with 'please turn off your adblocker to view this content'.

It's your choice - turn the blocker off on that site or don't use the site.
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Yeh, that all sounds fair.

Thanks fellas.
There are ways round it, such as this Chrome extension:

Problem is, we're going to end up in an endless cycle where websites find ways to outwit the adblock blocker blocks, then the adblock blockers get round that.....
I use adb!ock plus and my local paper online uses one of these banners. All I did was click the blocker icon and tick disable for this site while I had it loaded. Cleared the problem and blocker still works on the sites I need it for - you know, the sites that are virtually unusable because of all the ads.
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Hiya HC and thanks for your input.
That's it exactly, round and around in circles - that's why I didn't really want to get on in the first place.
And thanks for the tip Prudie, I think I'll give that one a go; what have I got to lose? Thanks very much.

Haven't been able to select a 'best answer' as that wouldn't be fair - they're all fantastic. Thanks to all of you.

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How To Block An Annoyance Because Of My Use Of An Ad-Blocker

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