Will External Dvd Drives Work In The Vertical Position?

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Efkay | 11:11 Fri 08th Jul 2016 | Computers
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I am looking for an external USB3 Optical Drive that will operate in positions other than the usual horizontal one.

Weird request I know, but having just bought a new laptop which doesn't come with an optical drive, I know when flying there won't be space on the drop-down table for the laptop and the external drive, so I would need to put the drive in the seat pocket in front - but would it work in this non-horizontal position?


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Yes it would work, but I'm trying to imagine why you would want to use it on a flight. If it's for watching movies, I'd have thought you would be better off ripping them to the internal hard drive before setting out.
A dvd drive will deplete your laptop battery
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TheChair: In this instance it's not for watching movies. I thought I'd use the time for re-installing programmes that I've backed up to DVDs. It will pass the time and get the new laptop behaving like the one I'm leaving behind.
hc4361: This new laptop boasts up to 21 hrs battery life (Thinkpad X260), so I guess using an external optical drive will put it to the test!

Thank you both for your input - much appreciated.

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Will External Dvd Drives Work In The Vertical Position?

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