Error Code 1962. Computer Won't Boot Up.

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Postdog | 00:24 Fri 10th Jun 2016 | Computers
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I have a fairly newish Lenovo Desktop computer running Windows 10. It has stopped working and gives me the above message.

Long story short, I rang the technical helpline, and after ten minutes getting to the right department, I spent a further ten minutes registering my details. It was a bit of a crackly line, and I couldn't hear very clearly, PLUS the guy had a bit of an accent, though what I am not sure. I suspect the call may have been re routed to America, as he asked me if I was in Northampton - shigher. Whatever, the guy was about as much use as a spare trick at a magicians wedding.

As soon as I said error code 1962, he did a sharp intake of breath. As far as I can make out, he did say he would send me an email that MAY resolve it, though as yet, no email. He also indicated that it might not work and I would be required to send the computer away, to America, for fixing.

Now I am going to investigate other options of getting this solved, such as trying online technical support or contacting a local computer service, but in the meantime would like to know if anyone has experience of this error code, and more importantly is it likely to be a software or hardware issue?

As with all modern computers, it does not come with an installation disc, so I cannot just try that option.

Any ideas or comments appreciated. TIA.


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Give this a try:
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Ta for responding. I will look into that...Unfortunately a problem elsewhere means I cannot spend time on this today. Just letting you know so I didn't appear ungrateful.

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Error Code 1962. Computer Won't Boot Up.

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