Cursor Has Disappeared On Boot... But...

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revrickyb | 08:47 Tue 07th Jun 2016 | Computers
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HP Pavillion

When I first start my laptop the cursor has disappeared but when I then put it in hibernate mode and tap to come out of it (I have to input my password) then the cursor reappears.

Any ideas?


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If you Do Not have a pointer/cursor when you start your laptop, how do you put the machine into Hibernate.?

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HansUrbancka. By pressing the power button.
It would be useful to AB Techies (of which I am a minor) to know what equipment you are using (Computer/Laptop/ Tablet etc and its make, model and Operating System , be it Windows 7 , 8. 10 or whatever).

I'd have thought that pressing the power button would switch-off the equipment. However, you say that it will activate Hibernate mode.

What would you do to put the equipment to sleep or say a restart.?

The more information you provide, should ensure worthwhile replies from folk more knowledgeable than myself.

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Fair comment. I will post a better question.

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Cursor Has Disappeared On Boot... But...

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