New Tesco Connect Windows 10 Tablet - Help Please With Set-Up!

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moggie 939 | 13:10 Fri 06th May 2016 | Computers
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Have just bought this Tesco Connect Tablet which is the 10" model and have managed to set everything up correctly - I do not use the apps but have it set as a Desktop to mirror my laptop. There is one difference from a previous tablet which I cannot seem to get around - please bear with me as I am not 'computer savvy'

1. When I go into my search engine (Google in my case) and tap in the cursor the keyboard automatically appears on the screen - but it then covers the Google search bar so I cannot see what I am typing!

On my old smaller tablet the same happened but the keyboard seemed 'narrower' and by dragging the Google search slightly upwards I could type and view easily. I have done nothing different in setting up the tablet (I do have it set to +125 magnification rather than +100 for easier reading as I am elderly, but I did this on my old tablet and that was ok. I tried reverting to +100 but it made no difference att all - can any one tell me what I have done wrong and how to correct it?

3. Also, one further question please. When I type on my new tablet there is a line above showing 'predictive text' which keep changing and is very distracting. Is there any way (simple terms please) how I can stop this happening?

Thanks everyone


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Have managed to fix it myself - more by luck than anything!

Firstly I changed my search engine to Bing which seems to appear more at the top of my screen thereby solving the problem

Re predictive text I went into progs -ease of access and unticked the text box and that is solved.

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New Tesco Connect Windows 10 Tablet - Help Please With Set-Up!

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