Skype Grrrrr!

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rsvp | 19:32 Wed 20th Apr 2016 | Computers
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Am at my wits end with skype over the last few days! since skype has decided it would like to 'update my skype experience' I've ended up with random email contacts in my skype contacts (have sorted that) but now have just three contacts left! Presumeably I have to ask everyone else again to become a skype contact?
Why can't they just leave my bally computer alone and let me decide when I want my 'experience enhanced' ......end of rant


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I have always open skype from a desktop icon - this is no longer responding so I can't get into use skype - any suggestions please?
HP laptop with windows 10 - thank youy
Just recreate the link to the new location.
Question Author
I don't know what that means! sorry, am really non computer literate.
The suggestion is that if Skype can be opened but using the link isn't working then edit the link so it can find the skype programme in order for it to run.

If you right click on the icon and select properties that will usually bring up a load of tabs to select from.

The default tab shown is "Shortcut" and will have boxes such as "Target" which must show/define the path on your drive and the skype programme file. *Possibly* "C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe"

And "Start In" which is usual the same path minus the programme filename. *Possibly* "C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\".

If you ensure these are correct and will allow the icon to find the programme it is supposed to start. You can then OK your changes and try the icon again.

Might be wise to note what you have changed from, somewhere first, in case it doesn't go to plan and you want to put it back as it was.
Question Author
Thank you OG - will give it a go -
Question Author
OG have followed your advice and it seems that the 'set up' for skype has altered - I was trying to use an older version and in it's infinite wisdom skype updated me to a new fancy system - can access it via the route you gave me (thank you) now just need to fiddle around and get my shortcut altered. Appreciate the help - stay well
Glad it sorted it.

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Skype Grrrrr!

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