Can Anyone Advise Me. A Friend Has Emailed Some Photos...

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askyourgran | 20:39 Tue 12th Apr 2016 | Computers
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The photos are in a Zip folder odt? Is it possible to open them on my iPad, haven't a clue how to get yo see them.


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I have no experience of iPads but you need an app that will open the file and reveal the files it contains inside. Try checking out your favoured source of iPad apps and see what they have.
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Thank you Old_Geezer, I'll have a look, not that good on the iPad yet myself. I could try the laptop but it overheats every so often. How would it be done on the laptop?
As mentioned I have no experience of the iPad. I'm unsure it would allow you to download an iPad app to a laptop, but maybe someone else knows better than I.
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Ok thanks, I did mean if I emailed the locked photos to my laptop I may be able to open them in there.
That could work.
Download peazip; it's one I've used that in the past.

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Can Anyone Advise Me. A Friend Has Emailed Some Photos...

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