Format Factory Has Screwed Up My Windows Media Player

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Tubbycoates | 20:44 Thu 07th Apr 2016 | Computers
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Hi all,

I wanted to convert some video files from Mpeg4 to AVI so I could burn them to disc and play them on my DVD player on my tv.

I installed Format Factory, and now none of my DVD's will play on Windows media player. I keep getting an error message saying something like 'go to display in control panel and change the resolution and/or colour preferences'

I've tried changing both the resolution and the colours, but still no joy.

Has anyone any ideas what I can do to get my DVD's to play on Windows Media. I even tried uninstalling FF, but I get a different error.

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry, I've no idea about what's causing your problem or, indeed, about how to fix it.

However I have to ask why on earth you're even attempting to use the totally dire Windows Media Player when every computer magazine and website (together with BBC technology programmes) invariably advises switching to ( the zillion times better) VLC:

I'm also confused as to why you should need to convert Mpeg4 files to AVI in order to burn them to a video DVD. Any decent burning software (which obviously excludes anything from Microsoft!) should be able to do the job directly anyway. Give Ashampoo Burning Studio Free a try:
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If I burn the mpeg4 files to a disc, they won't play on my dvd player, so I convert them to avi files and it appears to do the trick.
I'll try vlc.

Thanks for your help.

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Format Factory Has Screwed Up My Windows Media Player

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