Trying To Get A Full Screen Of My Emails

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askyourgran | 22:33 Tue 19th Jan 2016 | Computers
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When I log on to email it only appears as a sidebar down the left side of my screen the rest is usually my browser page. Can't remember if I've had this problem before but I have now unlocked the task bar hoping for inspiration. Can you help please.


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Which browser and email eg. yahoo, outlook etc?
How do we know what type of computer you are using, or is it a tablet or a smartphone?

How do we know what email system you are using?

At least give us SOMETHING to go on.
Unlocking the Taskbar is very unlikely to help matters.

I feel sure someone will come up with helpful advice if you respond to the questions which have been posed by Tuvok and VHG.

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Sorry finding it difficult to use tablet on here. I was using my laptop for BT email

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Trying To Get A Full Screen Of My Emails

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