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modeller | 18:57 Sun 10th Jan 2016 | Computers
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I have had numerous computers over the past 30 odd years , from the ZX80 , Commador 64, the BBC Miicro , IBM etc in the 70/80s to my present Compact Presario desktop with Home Premium Vista which I've had for about 6 years .

However for the past couple of years it's been showing its age. , running slowly at times and freezing. It's still OK from my point of view , I cope but my daughter and grandchildren who visit me each week have problems.

Has the time come to call it a day and get the latest all singing and dancing model. ? Maybe with Windows 10 ! If so which model/and make . My criteria are fairly simple I'm 88, I'm not concerned about price . Reliability for myself and suitability for my family are my main concerns.

Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated . Maybe there are other factors I have not considered .


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stick to hp ive just had a new desktop ASUS very unhappy. as my old one was pressario i wish id had gone for same
23:00 Sun 17th Jan 2016
Make the leap and get a Mac. Compare the number of questions on here about Macs and iOS compared to Windows.
While you might not be concerned about price, it would still seem daft to spend more than you need to. A refurbished Windows 7 machine from here (for under a hundred quid) is all that you need for your modest requirements:
(NB: That link isn't just from a random bit of googling. It's where I get my own machines, and those purchased on behalf of friends, from. It's an excellent firm).
ZM has beaten me to it. If you have a Stormfront store near where you live go in and have a play. I bought my iMac two and a half years ago and I love it!
It funny how people push their preferences for things like a Mac without considering the person asking the question.

Here we have a person who is 88 years old, who knows Windows, who wants a simple to use computer, that his family can come and use now and again.

What on earth would he gain by buying a Mac?

He would have a learning curve to use it and his family would also probably have a learning curve to use it.

And he would spend twice as much on a Mac than a Windows PC and gain almost nothing from the move except having top learn a whole new type of computer.

It is like when people on here ask a question about Windows and they get an answer "move to Linux" when that is nothing to do with the question the person was asking.

I wish people would not "push" their own narrow preferences.
Well, that's a predictable response.
well, I haven't a clue, but it would appear that no-one has actually answered the question!
Do you want a desktop or a laptop? Laptops are much more reliable and useable than they were years ago and you can get them with large screens.

If you don't use the pc for intense gaming or video editing you really don't need to spend much at all. You may prefer a larger monitor, I like my 24".

Any OS is going to be different from Vista so you may as well go the whole hog and get W10. I can think of no reason why you should have difficulties with it.

Do you want your new machine to have a DVD player? Many laptops don't have them, so that is something to look out for.

I suggest you decide whether you want desktop or laptop. I recommend a minimum of 4GB of RAM, preferably 8GB and a 1TB hard drive. Hard drives are cheap these days so there is no need to skimp.
Along with ZM I'd recommend a Mac… our main computer is a MacMini… had it 3 years and nary a problem (be sure to immediately, upon notification, download and install any updates)… just requires a few clicks, et voila done and computer protected against intrusions of any sort. Mrs. C. received a MacBook Pro tablet for Christmas… amazing machine, but it does operate entirely on WiFi, so consider that…

We also both have Apple iPhone 6 phones that we can use to check anything on either computer when we are away… age shouldn't be a limiting factor in estimation...
I like Macs but I share VHG's viewpoint; Modeller simply doesn't need one!
I go along with VHG and Buenchico.

My advice would be to get a machine loaded with Windows 7 and consider a free upgrade to W 10 in a few months time; if by then Microsoft has sorted-out all the problems.

Whether they are good or bad, Apple Macs represent 7.5% of the PC market, so claiming they must be good based on the number of questions on AB, is somewhat ridiculous.
Agree with The Chair here, The reason more questions are asked about windows PCs is because there are a hell of a lot more of them...I believe they are cheaper too as there is competition amongst manufacturers.
The Mac-PC debate seems to be never ending, however it should be noted that the percentage of market figure stated in this thread doesn't include Apple's Ipad model... Most articles indicate Apple at about 15% of total market with HP and Dell in the lead...
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Thank you for all your wide and varied responses. I knew I could rely on you !

As a point of interest, according to my profile, my questions go back to 2008 .I don't know how accurate that is , as at one stage I couldn't access AB and I had to re-register in 2011 to get back in , so to speak.

How long has AB been around ?

hc4351 My current monitor is 20" but should I decide to change it I would get something bigger. I would stick with a desktop and have a DVD. I have access to my daughters lap top should the need arise.

I see some merit in going for Windows 7 and updating to Windows 10 at some time. I remember problems in the past when there were changes in OSs.

It may be a silly question but what's the difference between a laptop and an Ipad ?
An iPad is tablet with a touchscreen and no keyboard.
hc4361 has given a concise answer.

If you wish to have further info, click the following link :-

stick to hp ive just had a new desktop ASUS very unhappy. as my old one was pressario i wish id had gone for same

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