Unable To Print Microsoft Word Document

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MOLITTLE | 01:55 Wed 05th Aug 2015 | Computers
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I can no longer print a Word document from my Windows 8.1 laptop on my HP Envy 5640 printer. On the laptop the printer shows as the default and has a status of ready. When I select Devices, Printers it says Print - Start - YOU CAN ONLY PRINT FROM APPS. I have printed from Word a few weeks ago.

I have a Lenova Yoga tablet and last week I loaded the HPeprint App and managed to print a gmail from it and have just tried that and it works but I do not understand why Word doc will not print from the laptop. Would appreciate help please.


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Even though the printer shows as the default for your laptop as a whole, Word might have a different device (or none at all) set as its own default. When you go to File > Print (or Ctrl P) have you actually looked to see which printer is shown there?
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Within Word I checked and it did show the HP5640 printer. Online dating back to 2014 lots of people reported the same error.
It said to select Network from File Explorer and see if a message is displayed at the top in a yellow box. My yellow box message said the computer is not connected to a Network - click to connect. I selected Open network and sharing center and the troubleshoot said there was a problem with the Network Adapter. I selected by router and entered the password and it worked.Thank you for you advise.
Just a thought if you are on a word document can you not go on to the file menu and select print from there. I sometimes have this 'can only print from apps' but it has never done it on a word document but going onto file is another option.

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Unable To Print Microsoft Word Document

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