I Have A Feeling I'm Going To Be Off Line For A While

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askyourgran | 23:19 Fri 17th Jul 2015 | Computers
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For the past two weeks on a couple of occasions my laptop has suddenly blanked out and turned itself off. It's been feeling quite warm to touch, although after about 20 mins I can turn it back on again. I don't think there is much I can do to save a trip to a computer shop to have an overhaul, just don't want to lose any of my research work.


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Buy an external hard disc and save everything you need to that for the time being. I don't think they're expensive.
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Ok thanks naomi, I'm not much into technology I'll enquire about that.
You just need to open it up and get all the dust and fluff off the fans, the fans can't work properly and the whole thing overheats and shuts down.
Easy to do, what make and model is it?
I'm not very technical either. Check them out - I think Amazon sell them.
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It's a HP G6000 Notebook PC, getting pretty old 2008. Time to learn the Ipad I think.
Mine started doing that and eventually it turned off completely. A new battery sorted it out.
I find the Ipad ok for research, but that's about it. I wouldn't want to work on one. I even find them awkward to use for AnswerBanking. I much prefer a proper keyboard.
Buy a can of compressed air and use that on the keyboard - turn it off and take the battery out first, just to be careful.

If you hold it upside down over a sheet a paper when you do it you will be shocked how much muck comes out.

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ummm Yes it could be the battery I have it plugged in most of the time now, but I guess it will be dusty and holding crumbs too. I'm hesitating opening it up in case I can't put it back again. But I will enquire about a battery I know it needs one.

Naomi, I know what you mean, I like to use a keyboard. If I get an Ipad I'm told I could buy a keyboard for it and a stand, but I feel it won't be the same as this old Pc, the upside is that I suppose I could use it away from home

I have a desktop, a laptop, and an Ipad. The desktop is my first choice every time.
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Thanks Hp and methyl. I think a repair shop might be the answer. Sounds daft but I hoped to avoid leaving it with someone.
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Thanks for the link methyl, my budget won't stretch to a new computer yet we are doing the house up. My grand daughter has offered to let me have her Ipad (for a small fee) as her Dad has got her a new one. I'm hoping she is coming up to see us soon. Naomi's suggestion to buying an external hard disc sounds like the best bet at the moment.
Same thing happened to me AYG. My laptop was over heating and cutting out, (and I know its full of crumbs because some of the keys are stuck!)

If like me you use it on your lap or sofa, it will heat up quickly. I bought a laptop cooling pad for about a tenner and its worked a treat. Something like this but there are loads of types. You just sit the laptop on the cooling pad and it fans it using a connnection into the laptop. No extra mains needed.

Try it, its a whole lot cheaper than a new device. User Recommendation

Even we can do this AYG! Get the hoover out. Media URL:
doh...can someone fix that YouTube link for me?
This one, Maydup ?.
Thanks Tony! I cut and paste the link into the youtube field but no luck!

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I Have A Feeling I'm Going To Be Off Line For A While

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