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Coldicote | 13:05 Fri 12th Jun 2015 | Computers
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I have to decide which free ftp to download. Can someone tell me please what is the difference between an ftp client and an ftp server? Do I need to download both?


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An ftp server is where files are hosted. An ftp client is a program that sends them there.

CoffeCup has always met my needs as an easy-to-use (free) FTP client:
A client requests a service. A server provides it (with any luck).

Chances are you only need the client. Presumably you will be asking somewhere else to send you a file or two.
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Filezilla is an excellent GUI ftp client.

For scripted transfers use psftp or pscp (better for logging). They are part of the PuTTY suite of programs.

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Client And Server

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