Samsung Series 3 Computer.

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Gavmacp | 15:26 Thu 16th Apr 2015 | Computers
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I am taking this back to John Lewis as this is the worst computer I have purchased.
It has never been that quick but suspect that is due to windows 8. The other night I tried to send some photos via email after 2 hours ended up using my very old computer.
I tried doing a search to see if there were any issues with this computer and found relatively few.
Anyone else had experiences of this computer?


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Why do you say it is due to Windows 8?

It is far more likely to be due to a low powered CPU than Windows 8. Windows 8 seems to work just a quickly as other versions of Windows, some say it is faster.

What model of Samsung Series 3 is it, they make lots of different ones so do you know the model number?

Also is your old computer connected to the internet via a cable, and the Samsung connected via wi fi?

Because a wi fi connection is always going to be slower than a cable connection.

If you can let us know model number of the Samsung we can say if it is a low powered machine or not.
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Samsung 370R5E-A06
OS windows
CPU Intel Core i5 3210m
Lcd 15.6" HD
VRAM shared
Memory 6gb (DD R3 1600MHz)
HDD 750 Gb
Old computer uses wifi as well.
New computers often spend many, many hours receiving and installing the dreaded Windows updates before they're working properly. (It can often be several weeks until you can turn your computer on without the dreaded 'TrustedInstaller' process immediately hogging nearly all of its resources, making it incredibly sluggish). It's the fault of Microsoft, not of the computer manufacturer.
W8 is not slow. How long have you had the pc?
How long have you had this computer? Is your other computer a laptop or desktop?

On paper the specs looks quite good, an i5 CPU and 6Gb of memory. However laptops do run slower than desktops, with slower CPUs, slower hard disks etc.

I know Samsung have now pulled out of the laptop market totally so do wonder if they put as much effort in to their laptops if they knew they were pulling out of the market.

Note also if you run a laptop on battery rather than mains it can often run slower as Windows will slow the CPU down to preserve battery life.

I don't have an answer to your problems, the laptop SHOULD be fast, based on the specs, but it could be a number of things (slow computer, bad wi fi connection etc)

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Samsung Series 3 Computer.

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