Problem With Hp Printer- Help!!

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moggie 939 | 09:28 Sun 05th Apr 2015 | Computers
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My HP 5520 all in one printer has gone wrong and I have tried everything.

Both from my laptop and also when scanning/printing direct from the printer it is the same - only part of the page is print properly just like there is an ink problem. There is not as I have brand new cartridges (HP) put in and I tried another new set to be sure.

Have cleaned the heads and done everything via the printer but nothing cures it. The outsides of the pages seem to print ok but not these!

Am about to get a new printer - but any suggestions from you experts?



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Try downloading and running HP Print and Scan Doctor: Also see if this helps:
11:03 Sun 05th Apr 2015
Had something of the same with my Epson printer, I choose another colour of text and found this to work with printer. Another problem can occur when printer is not level on table, floor etc.

Hope this helps !

I have HP photosmart 5520 and had the same problem. I had to Download an app called AiO remote (All in One Remote) and now when I use the printer I do everything through the app and it works fine. I only use an ipad2 with mine so it may be different for a laptop. Hp support online is absolute rubbish.
I have just trashed my HP and gone back to Canon because I am fed up with print failures, stripey printing, blobby printing, loss of wireless connection and various other malfunctions which have left me using up my 2017 allowance of bad language and we're only in spring of 2015!
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Thanks all - and especially Buenchico it worked!!

Went into HP doctor and it reset everything and now it works ok

Saved me £50 for a new printer.


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Problem With Hp Printer- Help!!

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