Chromecast (Google) And Amazon Fire Stick.

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Bramleyboy | 17:27 Wed 25th Mar 2015 | Computers
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I have seen these two things advertised. The Fire stick attracted my attention as it makes buying Prime cheaper! What are they and how do they work. It appears the FS ids better than the Chromecast. Any advice gratefully received, however detailed? Bramley


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not really an answer, but i have been looking at the chromecast for a while as i don't have a smart tv. I have ordered the fire stick, beause of their good offer at the moment
They turn a non-smart tv into a smart tv, allowing you to watch extra programmes and films on your tv and use some apps on it, too.
If you have a tablet, you may be able to send what you see on your screen to your tv.
basically they make it possible to see what's on your computer screen on your tv if you don't already have a tv that does that
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Thank you for your input, both of you. I think I understand. Is that the offer on Amazon 'offers of the day' finishing tomorrow? Bramley.
Yes, it is
You are aware of the terms of the Amazon offer?
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Yes thank you. The tribe is I did have Prime and now i misfit more than I need the Firestick! Bramley
I have a Chromecast, and am pleased.

It does more than show what is on your computer screen, although it can do that.

You can start iplayer or youtube playing on your TV, and it carries on direct from router to TV.

You can then use your computer for something else or even turn it off.
that sounds good hopkirk, i wasn't aware - i hope the firestich can do the same (although how do you chose something different when it's on your TV?)
bednobs, not sure I understand your question but the software on the stick gives the tv access to other services such as iPlayer, YouTube, channels not available on Freeview via the internet.

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Chromecast (Google) And Amazon Fire Stick.

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