Cafe Wi-Fi Anonymity

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Barquentine | 05:22 Mon 22nd Sep 2014 | Computers
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If I get a recondition laptop preloaded with MS Office/other software and browse the internet in a café with Wi-Fi, can I remain anonymous and not be traced whatever I post on any website? I am hoping to graduate as a fully-fledged troll but obviously don't want to use my home internet connection. And I suspect internet cafe's will have cameras taking secret pictures of users. Using a second hand computer at free Wi-Fi spots seems to be a safe bet?


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Ehhh ?
think this question will have " someone " tracing you now
I think it's a gentle joke...

Have you Graduated from Troll College??


I have no idea.
Barquentine is unavailable
He/she has been suspended!
Back to school then.
Jeez...they have been a member since 2002!!

I read it as they want to know if internet cafes are secure and added the trolling bit as a bit of humour.
Apprehended by the computer police ,via the secret cameras in MacDonalds.
I agree with Ummmm,seemed innocuous enough.
Does seem a bit harsh. Couldn't the thread have just been removed?
An ambition to become a fully-fledged internet troll is creepy.
Well knowing they were a long time member I just presumed it was a joke.

Humour doesn't always translate well on the page I suppose.
I read it that way too - they just wanted to know if internet cafés were secure. I was going to say - I wouldn't bet on it.

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Cafe Wi-Fi Anonymity

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