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berniecuddles | 16:08 Tue 12th Aug 2014 | Computers
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all of a sudden every site i go on i have to sign in all of them, it seems as soon as i leave say answerbank logged in if i come back in5 mins i have to sign in again as in ebay facebook etc any suggestions please,
im on firefox
windows 8.1
acer aspire e1 571 laptop


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You haven't switched on private browsing have you? I'm not familiar with Firefox so can't help too much with sorting it.
I googled and found this on Mozilla support

Firefox 20 has made some major changes in this area. If you are automatically in private browsing mode, it could be related to your history setting.

purple Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Privacy

If you have Firefox will "Never remember history" that could cause this problem. Change to "Use custom settings for history" and uncheck the box for "Always use private browsing mode".

Does that work? You might need to restart Firefox in order to escape, as I don't see a way to change a private window into a regular window.

Note that I'm just exploring this change right now, and there's a good chance more knowledgeable people will chime in!

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i will have a look rocky been trying to sort this for 2 hours now
fingers crossed it'll work :)
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looking good rocky one last thing i have an unticked box saying clear history when firefox closes in options yes or no?
'No' if yu want to be automatically logged into sites. 'Yes' if you don't want your partner to know where you've been on the internet ;-)
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thx chris last question please every thing seems ok now but seems to be taking longer for say answerbank to connect and all other sites too, anything i can do?
That's odd!

Maybe your internet is just running a bit slow? Mine suddenly dropped from the usual 10Mbps down to 3Mbps last night, which I noticed because everything opened more slowly than usual. (It's back to normal now). Maybe you've just got a similar short-term problem?
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chris our download speed is rubbish anyway 2.5mb max, we live the furthest from the telephone exchange as you can get,not getting fibre optic until next june(i wont hold my breath)!
Try uttering the magic words 'ADSL2+' to your ISP.

The standard product that BT offers to its customers, and wholesales to other ISPs, is 'ADSL Max'. What they generally don't tell you is that there's another product (ADSL2+) available at most exchanges, which effectively gives you two connections to the internet at the same time, thus doubling the available download speed. (Everyone else in my street gets 5Mbps. Because I hassled my ISP for ADSL2+, I get 10Mbps).
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ok thx chris will look into that

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