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davewr | 12:13 Thu 31st Jul 2014 | Computers
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A few months ago on here it was suggested that Ccleaner might sort out a problem someone had with their computer. In the replies there was a tip that a box should be 'un-ticked' so that info. on scans & updates from MSE would not be lost in the clean-up.
Can anyone tell me the box in question, and any others that should be 'un-ticked'?


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Why do you wish to use CCleaner.?

Unless you are really careful when using it, you could loose a lot more than a few replaceable downloads. I have never used CCleaner but have read sufficient for me to say....."Stay away from it".

dont tick anything my friend just use the default setting. run cleaner it will not delete anything important just junk !
if you want you can search for registry problems and if it finds any it will ask you to if you want to back up the files it will delete in case of any problems ,tick yes ( i have not had one problem in all the 10 years ive been using this prog .
hans beck has his own agenda on this
Ccleaner is fine, I have used it for years and have never had a problem with it. It is recommended by the (widely accepted) best techie on here (ChuckFickens).
@Daffy6543....Please give a link to where Chuck Fickens recommends the use of CCleaner.

@ivor4781....I hope you observed what a Silver Badged Nerd's last comments were in the following thread.:-

hans just try to look at all the hundreds of guys on here that have recommended this prog with no problems reported .how did you use this when your comp cocked up did you use the default setting " im not talking about the registry cleaner" just the crap cleaner ?
and yes chuck a long gtime ago before you came on the AB recommended this
of cousre nothing i 100% safe even from "microsoft " but this is as safe as any cleaner
btw i use this once a week with all but "auto complete" / saved passwords and wipe free space unchecked
in your link there's no text from Silver Badged Nerd ?
@ivor4781......Please pay attention and carefully read everything. I have never had a computer 'cock-up' and, earlier in this thread, said..// I have never used CCleaner but have read sufficient for me to say....."Stay away from it". //

I am somewhat surprised that you are unable to establish from the link which I gave that bibblebub is in a far higher technological position within AB than you or me......It's worth reading again everything he has said, even if you choose to ignore me.

Incidentally, as of this moment, I can't see any of the hundreds, which you have in mind, coming forward to support you.

As neither Daffy or Ivor are forthcoming with any link to Chuck Fickens having recommended CCleaner, I have been searching through AB and have found this :-

Incidentally, Chuck does suggest 'Defraging' which is no longer necessary on modern computers.

hans you still dont get it. your still going on about cc cleaner sorting out your registry!
cc cleaner is mainly used for clearing out junk files.get this registry thing out of the way, we are talking about JUNK FILES NOT REGISTRY
Hans, you obviously do not know what you are talking about. Just because you may have read something somewhere that made you worry about Ccleaner it doesn't mean you are right about it.

As I said before, I have used it for a few years now (even the Registry Cleaner part) and have NEVER had any issues with it at all. I don't even use the default settings as advised by ivor. I have used it on 3 different OSs (Windows Vista, 7 and now 8.1) and it has been a useful tool on all 3.

I don't profess to be anywhere near Chuck's level of expertise but I have built my own PC and am knowledgeable about hardware and software. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because I am female that I know nothing about technology.

well said daffy
i get the impression this AB member is still a computer novice with quite a bit to learn
I think we should cut Hans some slack here.
I have also heard that CCleaner is good but when I looked at it I was confused and I have things on my registry that I don't want to lose and would not know how to restore.
Maybe CCleaner is great if you know what you are doing but not so good if you're a bit of a point and click type of computer user?
they you go again its NOT mainly for registry cleaning use !! thats a separate part of cc cleaner ,for cleaning out all the rest of the "crap" hence the name crap cleaner) it the best prog,
as ive said and daffy on here even using both of these options weve had no problems in many years of use,
....extract from the link below....
...I would like to see a tutorial or wizard for first time users when they run CCleaner. Too often the complaints that CCleaner deleted something it shouldn't, turn out to be the user isn't too familiar with what the options mean or what the impact of cleaning temp files and settings from their system. Even selecting every possibly option should still not damage windows in any way - as CCleaner is very conservative in what it will remove, but for some first time users, running CCleaner can seem to be a scary step to take.

However, if simply freeing up disk space is your objective then CCleaner is hard to beat.
think you confusing your registry with your docs/ files, two different things,
your personal files are not in your registry

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