Excel Spreadsheet Won't Display

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countrykid | 07:58 Sun 04th May 2014 | Computers
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For some reasons my Toshiba Laptop running Windows 8.1 will no longer display certain excel spreadsheets that are on my memory stick. I can select the relevant spreadsheet but it simply doesn't display it. I can select Print Preview and it then appears so I know it is "there". It isn't just one particular spreadsheet, it does the same to many, yet some do open.

I am not a whizz with PCs but have tried all I can think of, and even asked a friend who is more tech savvy but he too could not get it to display.

It is so frustrating as I was working on a spreadsheet yesterday morning on the same PC, and need to continue but cannot now display it.

Hope someone can help. Many thanks


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Try right-clicking on the file and select the Open With option; a list of programs is displayed as well as a 'Choose Default Program...' option for those which are displayed, so select the program you want to use.
( the Choose Default is for those that are not displayed...)
Have you tried dragging and dropping the spreadsheet onto your desktop and trying to open it from there?
You might also try saving it under a different name onto your toshiba, then have a go at opening it.
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My thanks to all. I tried the suggestions re saving to desktop etc, but the result was the same. I then checked out what Corbyloom suggested and that worked. I clicked on View, then Windows and the Arrange All. "Tiled was already selected but nonetheless I clicked save and hey presto, my spreadsheet appeared. I have no idea why certain spreadsheets are acting this way, but is seems that I have to do this to every one that chooses not to display automatically. I guess it is just one of those mysteries!! At least I now know what to do to view it and can now continue with my work.
Once again, thanks to everyone

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Excel Spreadsheet Won't Display

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