Windows Vista Backup Recovery Discs Dont Boot From Start

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country_pumpkin | 22:55 Fri 11th Apr 2014 | Computers
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Hi today I used on windows vista business the programme called image recovery backup basically did the full recovery disc thing through vista recovery tol. so I have the discs of the system image but I cant get it to boot from start up to reinstall windows.. Ive done this with windows 7 and it easy but with win7 it got me to make a system boot disc also and then put image disc in after easy. but vista doesn't all it did was the image recovery discs . so what am I doing wrong as im su t to be somat simple


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Have you configured your computer's BIOS to boot from the CD/.DVD drive?
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yes mate done that told it to boot from disc but it tries
have you ever done one with vista. as seems lot different to how win 7 one was made that I did. was easy

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Windows Vista Backup Recovery Discs Dont Boot From Start

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